Thursday, May 18, 2006

Research: Muslims Are Hungry For Bestiality

Giraldus Cambrensis at Western Resistance has conducted an interesting and very educational research about sexual preferences in the Muslim world and came up with the following results:

Pakistan: Muslims Are Sex-Starved Surfers, With Bestial Interests

The Pakistan Daily Times reports that a Google survey found that mostly Muslim nations seek access to sites of a sexual nature, and Pakistan is top of that list. Of the top 10 countries searching for sex-related sites, six were Muslim, and Pakistan was the leader, followed by Egypt (no 2), Iran (no 4), Morocco (no 5), Saudi Arabia (no 7) and Turkey at no 8. Vietnam was third, India at no 6, Philipines at 9 and Poland at 10. To verify the results, click here.

But Western Resistance is not content to let it rest here. If you click on the following links, you can see the data for yourself. In all of the following categories of bestiality, Pakistan was top of the list of Google searches for:
Pig Sex, with Egypt (no 2) and Saudi Arabia (no 3) following.
Donkey Sex, with India (no 2), Iran (no 3) and Saudi Arabia (no 4) following.
Dog Sex, with India (no 2), and Saudi Arabia (no 3)
Cat Sex (!!!), with Iran (no 2), Egypt (no 3) and Saudi Arabia (no 4) following.
Horse Sex, followed by India (no 2) and Turkey (no 3)
Cow Sex, with Iran (no 2), India (no 3) and Saudi Arabia (no 4) following.
Goat Sex, with India (no 2) and New Zealand (no 3) following
Animal Sex, with Morocco (no 2), India (no 3), Iran (no 4), Egypt (no 5)

It is truly bizarre that Pakistan should top the search lists for ALL of the above categories. But your intrepid Western Resistance researcher was not prepared to let it rest at that. Surely there is something highly relevant in the above figures.

Bizarrely, though the Pakistani web-surfer wants to see images of Goat Sex, the same nation is not interested in looking for sites on Sheep Sex. In fact, no Muslim countries were interested in sheep, perhaps because they eat lamb. Never play with one's dinners, seems to be the moral here.

But if four-legged animals seem to whet the Muslim surfer's appetite, creatures with only two legs were not interesting. So for Duck Sex, only Western nations are featured, with Norway number one. But for Chicken Sex, the antipodeans seem most interested, with Australia number one, followed by the US and then New Zealand.

Another Muslim nation, Malaysia, was most interested in Fish Sex, but once again, Pakistan was top of the charts for Snake Sex. Before you start guessing, these sites involve women "inserting" these creatures.

On a search for Gay Sex, the Philippines was top of the list, with Saudi Arabia coming in at number two. Forbidden fruits?

The word "ass" has double meanings, as a donkey and as a posterior, and a search for Ass Sex found Saudi Arabia was top, followed by Pakistan (no 2), Egypt (no 3), Iran (no 4), the United Arab Emirates (no 5), Greece (no 6) and Morocco (no 7). Ironically a search for Bottom Sex found the United Kingdom in top place, followed by India (no 2) and the US (no 3).

But Anal Sex was most sought after in Saudi Arabia, followed by Turkey (no 2).

A search on Oral Sex found only one Muslim nation in the top ten, with Turkey coming in at fifth place.

No Muslim nations were interested in Lesbian Sex, Granny Sex or Kinky Sex.

The results of my searches have made me snigger and squeal with laughter, but it is not all amusing. Mohammed the so-called prophet had sex with a nine year old girl, and it seems his followers still want to look for images of Child Sex. For this, the top of the list of searches was headed by Pakistan (no 1), followed by India (no 2), Iran (no 3) and Turkey (no 4).

I decided to broaden the research a little further. And what do you know? Pakistan again tops the list of Google searches for:
Monkey Sex, with India (no 2) following.
Bear Sex, with Saudi Arabia (no 2) following.
Elephant Sex, with India (no 2) and Egypt (no 3) following.

Saudi Arabia also tops the list of countries interested in Fox Sex, with US (no 2), India (no 3), Turkey (no 4) following.

India is number 1 in searching for Group Sex, followed by Saudi Arabia (no 2).

Now, we have to realise that a certain percentage of searches such as "Elephant Sex", etc., is conducted for scientific purposes, but I highly doubt that Pakistanis or Saudis have ANY scientific interest in such things as "Pig Sex" or "Bear Sex". Not to mention the notoriety of Goat Sex in the Muslim world.